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Two Story Bird Houses

Two story bird houses are multi-level bird structures with two functioning floors and two entrances. The rear viewing door provides a complete view of the baby birds on both floors. Traditional and victorian models are available.

Not all mother birds will choose a two story design to nest and lay eggs in. But the ones that will are a delight to see. Nonetheless, two-story birdhouses are a nice feature added to your backyard setting.

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Two Story (unfinished traditional)

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sit or hang


Two Story (unfinished victorian)

model #tw-002

pole mount


Two Story (victorian pole mount)

model #tw-003

pole mount


Two Story


pole mount


Purple martins are sociable birds that choose to live in very close proximity together. They prefer to live together in multi-unit structures and thrive together as well by feeding, socializing and raising their young.


Two story bird houses are built from pine and cedar wood. Because a two story bird house is a tall structure, they must be strong. They are held together with Titebond II industrial strength wood glue (weather proof) and reinforced with long fastener wood screws. They are built to last.

Rear Door

The rear viewing door features an oversized door-knob and latch. It's a single door unit that allows a clear view of the baby birds on both floors. Brass hinges enable the door to swivel with a steady smooth action in the open and closed positions.

Popular in Design

We carry several types of multilevel bird enclosures. The two story victorian model is our most popular configuration for a primary multilevel bird structure.

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If you're looking for a special birdhouse design, choose a two story bird house from All Wood Birdhouses. When your product arrives, you're going to immediately notice the quality and durability in design. And remember, we also have an unfinished version too, so you can add your own colors and finish applications.

A two story model will fit into that perfect space in your yard as a pole mounted, hanging or sitting bird structure.


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