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Birdhouse Accessories

Replacement Parts & Supplies

If you are looking for any of the following accessories, we currently have them in stock. We have various parts and supplies to choose from. Our a accessories inventory list includes replacement parts, supplies, and special requests for adornments.

  • perches
  • pole mounts
  • side mounts
  • shingles
  • chimney stock
  • rail stock

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Choose from a small selection of custom hand-made accessories for birdhouses.

Pole Mount

model #acc-001



Side Mount

model #acc-002

side mount


Perch Stock

model #acc-003



Chimney Stock

model #acc-003



Wood Dust

model #acc-00x



Wood Shavings

model #acc-00x



Our bird house accessories page is just getting off the ground, so if you don't see the parts and supplies you're looking for, we can supply it as a special request for no extra charge. We currently have a small selection of parts and accessories to choose from, including individual parts, kits, and special projects.

AWB got its start in the field of woodworking in 2009, and is now a reliable supplier of wooden products and woodworking accessories. In the beginning, we were primarily a manufacturer of birdhouses for outdoor hobbyists in America, but we now manufacture bird feeders, yard art, and bird accessories for consumers around the globe. We invented the original horizontal perch system, a design that was unique and innovative for its time, offering birds a way to safely land when flying directly toward a birdhouse in a straight path.

Since 2009, our inventory has only grown to a very modest level, and although we don't have a large inventory, we like it that way because it enables us to specialize and concentrate on a limited list of quality products. AWB remains steadfast in its original intentions to create specialty backyard items that offer long-lasting usability and pleasure.


Free gift wrapping is included for all items upon request.

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