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Painting Projects For Kids

Projects For Kids

Painting projects are great fun for kids. Our bird house painting kits are ready for painting right out of the box. Yes, kids are free to put their happy skills to work with a complete kit that has everything they will need to express themselves. Our birdhouse kits come with:

  • unfinished birdhouse (1)
  • paint bottles (3 colors)
  • paint brushes (2)
  • sandpaper correcting pads (2)
  • instructions


One of the benefits of a birdhouse project is that kids can feel free to express themselves in any way they like. A painting project stimulates a child's imagination and gives them the opportunity to create something based on their own ideas and hand skills - and who knows what they'll come up with!

Painting a birdhouse is a great choice for anyone who wants to have fun starting a DIY wood project. Bright colors will make it look totally different from its original look and give it a whole new personality when it's done. Kids especially will have fun using non-toxic paint to express their artistic imagination (and it's good for their concentration too).

It's a satisfying pastime with no age limit. Birdhouse kits fall into the category of art's and crafts, and are appropriate for any age, however, some older children might still require adult supervision. Optimal ages for children are between 5-12 years old.

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Birdhouses make fun and exciting painting projects for kids. All kids will love them, and adults too!

Birdhouse Kit

Melissa & Doug



Birdhouse Kit

Toysmith Beetle & Bee



Birdhouse Kit




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The end of summer doesn't mean the end of activities. For children at the grade-school level, it means going back to school. And although that also means back to math, english and science, it also means "art class!" If you're a teacher actively working in a school with children ages 5-12, we would like to supply you with the materials you will need for your next class project involving arts n' crafts. Send us your supply list and we will try to meet your needs as closely as possible. For kids projects involving wood, we can supply your entire class with...

  • 30 Unfinished birdhouses
  • Chain and hook sets
  • Non-toxic paint (many colors to choose from)
  • Brushes
  • Clean-up materials
  • Instructions

Allowing children to use their own imagination when applying paint is a fun and easy way to create something new. Providing kids with fun projects is the main benefit, and trachers and parents will get satisfaction from watching them have fun. Adults will benefit too, as they can also put their artistic skills to work, or just kick back and watch the kids have fun instead, it's up to you.


The paint that is included in the kits is non-toxic acrylic hobby paint. It brushes on very smoothly and is easy to clean up. It's also water resistant. A few brands that we use are Apple Barrel and FolkArt.

Acrylic paint is easy to work with overall. The paint comes in a small plastic 2oz. bottles with a cap that dispenses the paint without making a mess. The bottles are easy to store, and when the bottles are empty, they are readily disposable with no worries about exposing toxic chemicals to ground water. There are three bottles included (6 ounces altogether, which is enough easily cover the entire birdhouse.

Art Fairs

Arts and craft fairs are an easy way to show off your artistic talent to local community members. If you live in an area where there are occasional art fairs and craft shows, some items you can expect to see are birdhouses, yard art, dollhouses and various other wooden items.


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