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Hanging Wren Houses

Hanging wren houses are cheerful little structures that look great hanging in any home landscape. Hanging Wrenhouses They are made with solid wood and come in a unique variety of colors and graphics.

Wren Houses with unique features...

Shop from a wide selection of wren houses for sale, including models with acrylic paint, natural stain, or a combination of both. If you like colorful graphics, then you might enjoy a model with flowers, butterflys, dragonflys, cactus and outdoor sceneries. Hang them anywhere you want to beautify your yard,. even inside your home or office.

Hanging kits are included with every wrenhouse purchase. Hanging sets include one chain, two s-hooks, and one heavy-duty hanging eye-bolt. This simple configuration is a stable design that will help to prevent twisting in high winds. Little assembly is required and can be completed in minutes.

Shop Wren Houses

Choose from our selection of hanging wrenhouses..


model #w-001




model #w-002



Wrenhouse (cranberry)

model #w-003



Wrenhouse (heritage red)

model #w-004



Wrenhouse (pink trim)

model #w-005



Wrenhouse (green trim)

model #w-006



Wrenhouse (pink & blue)

model #w-007



Wrenhouse (yellow)

model #w-008



Special Request Wrenhouse?

If you have your own special style in mind, send us a request. We'll match your exact desires for color, style and functionality.

Free Gift Wrapping

Need gift wrapping? We can do that too, and at no extra charge! You'll also receive a greeting card with a special message. Our products make great gifts and can be delivered right to the front door of someone special.

Unfinished Wooden Wren Houses

Looking for a fun wood project to paint? We have some wren houses made from bare, unfinished wood and ready for your artistic touch. Unfinished, Bare Wooden Wrenhouse Wren houses are the perfect choice of birdhouse projects. Why? Because they're so Cute! Whether you choose a traditional wood stain, natural oil, or acrylic, the bare cedar wood is ready for your preferred application. They make fun projects for anybody, especially kids. Shop for Unfinished Wood Wren Houses»

How to hang a wren house...

Hanging a wren house is easy, as all you need to do is attach the provided chain to the i-hooks and then loop the chain through a third i-hook (large). All parts are included in a complete hanging set, and has all the parts you will need to securely hang your wren house.

Where to hang a wren house...

Hang them 5' to 7' feet above ground near thick foliage and you are sure to get the attention of a mother wren. They are not very picky about where they live, so place your new wrenhouse anywhere you want. Wren houses are sometimes used just for decoration, and you can have as much fun as you want with them.

Most birds are not inclined to nest in a suspended structure that hangs from a chain or rope, but wrens will indeed consider it. They are well-known for checking out just about anything, including discarded bottles, cans, and old radiators to name a few. They are not picky about their nesting location, as they will check out a variety of unassuming objects.

Collection Series

Buy three wren houses and receive one FREE ! If your backyard has a particular style, a wrenhouse is sure to serve as the perfect compliment and add a nice touch. Many styles available - brightly painted, plain, conservative, unfinished, natural finish and more.


Free gift wrapping is included for all items upon request.

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Looking for a birdhouse made from bare, unfinished cedar wood? We have a few you might like.

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