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Bird Feeders

Our bird feeders are built from solid cedar wood. They are designed for smaller birds such as sparrows, finches, juncos, goldfinch, redpolls, reed buntings and others. A roof with a 1 1/2" inch overhang will prevent larger birds like doves and pigeons from landing on the side.

Bird Food

Birds can't really smell the food inside of a feeder tray, especially at a distance. They mostly rely on their eyesight to locate feeders. Offering various foods in an open tray might make it easier for a wide range of birds to find it. An open tray can handle:

  • seed
  • corn
  • peanuts
  • millet
  • insects
  • live meal worms

Our designs are mostly open tray feeders with a roof. They are simple, light-weight, and can be hung or mounted. Tray feeders are a popular style among bird enthusiasts because birds can be seen feeding and interacting with other birds as they are standing on the edge. As birds visit the feeder, they will be seen by other birds, and other species as well, and soon there will be various birds visiting the feeder throughout the day.

Ground Mount Open Feeder Trays

Open feeder trays mounted low to the ground are the most effective for attracting the widest variety of birds, including dove, sparrow, starlings and others. Our open tray feeders enable you to place 4 different types of bird food in the tray compartments. They easily mount about 2-3 feet above the ground on your lawn.

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Bird Feeder

model: #bf-001

sit or hang


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Rustic style made with Western Red Cedar.

Bird Feeder

model: #bf-002

sit or hang


✜ larger view

Rustic style made with Western Red Cedar.

Bird Feeder

model: #bf-003

ground mount to pole


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Multiple tray style made with White Pine wood.

Bare Wood Feeder

model #uf-012

sitting or hanging


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Rustic style made with bare, unfinished Western Red Cedar.

Bird Feeder

model: #bf-004



✜ larger view

Sold on Amazon

Bird Feeder

model: #bf-005



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Sold on Amazon


The base of suet is made from animal fat. Suet can be placed in a tray but you might have to break it up into small parts. It's best to offer suet in a suet feeder. Depending on what birds you're trying to attract, you'll find a wide variety of suet types. Most stores that offer seed also offer suet. Suet is often mixed with seeds, berries, lard, peanut butter, and a variety of other things birds like. Once you decide which birds you want to attract, you can buy a specialty mix at your pet store. You can even make your own suet. But if you don't mind what type of feathered creature shows up at your tray or suet feeder, serve them a general blend. You can even buy different brands and place them side by side. Keep in mind that squirrels like suet too.

A few bird types that will enjoy suet are..

  • chickadees
  • woodpeckers
  • nuthatches
  • wren


Several of the listed styles are rustic and un-sanded in design. Rustic styles are always made from either western red cedar or incense cedar wood. Pine wood does not fall into the rustic category, as it usually has a smoother surface.

Bird feeders should be part of every backyard decor. They provide food for birds during all seasons while adding a cheerful addition to your landscape. Our bird feeders are built from solid wood and will provide a natural look to your backyard.

If you live in a neighborhood that is home to various bird species, placing more than one feeder in your yard will attract several types of birds. Two common types of birds that don't mind sharing the same eating space are sparrows and doves.


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