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A-Frame Bird Houses

A-frame birdhouses are appropriately named for a type of birdhouse design that is shaped like the letter "A." The two basic sides of the roof are connected at the top by a A-Frame Bird Houses roof ridge, and then slope downward on both sides at an angle all the way to the ground. Basically, the overall shape forms a triangle and is recognized as a classic "A Frame."

Traditional "A-Framed" Shape & Style

This particular model is designed to look like a traditional A-frame structure, but with a few extra features that make it stand out. This unique approach to birdhouse decor includes a horizontal landing perch, contoured patio, wood rails, seated chimney, offset shingles, roof ridge and custom rear window. Viewing the baby birds is easy through a rear viewing door with a smooth swivel action.

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Hand-crafted A-Frame Birdhouses

There are many steps in building an A-frame bird house, and they are all performed by hand. During the building phase, there is special emphasis placed on detail. The building process is slow because there are many sections that must be glued together and held in place with clamps. The total time for completion is about 10 days.


Cedar and pine are types of wood found in the natural environment of wild birds. The sections are held together with industrial strength wood glue (Titebond II) and reinforced with long screw fasteners.

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  • Height: 15.5"
  • Width: 12"
  • Depth: 10.5"
  • Hole entrance: 1 1/4"
  • Floor: 5" x 7"


The interior floor dimensions are wide enough to accommodate mother birds that lay large clutches of eggs, such as the bluebird. Ventilation is provided.


Available mounting options for A-frames are the same as all other birdhouse categories. The sitting models are intended to sit on an outdoor shelf or table. Hanging models come with two i-hooks installed that are used to securely hang the birdhouse from a tree branch. Pole mounted models come with the mounting base and extension already attached and requires no assembly (unless specified). The pole mount extension attaches easily to a metal pole with a 1" inch diameter. You might also consider them as part of an indoor arrangement on a table, shelf or bookcase.

Horizontal Perch

The Original "Horizontal Perch"

We've designed a unique perch system with a landing perch mounted horizontally and secured to the wall by a strong support arm. The horizontal perch system also includes a patio with rails.

Unfinished A-Frame

Looking for an unfinished A-frame? We have some A-frame styles that are made from bare, unfinished wood and ready for your choice of finish application. Shop for Unfinished A-Frame»

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History - The "Second Everything" Era

While A-frame structures have existed for centuries, they were only recognized as an alternative style by U.S. home builders in recent decades. A-frame architecture in residential sectors were influenced by the significant rise of incomes and available materials during and after World War II. Construction of new highways, including Interstates into National Parks such as the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas, as well as the creation of new dams, lakes, shorelines and reservoirs across the country, opened up wilderness areas for what became known as the "second everything" era. Along with efforts by the The U.S. Federal Government, the urban sprawl created more room for a large percentage of American residents to re-locate to rural areas and live inside the awe-inspiring "A-shaped" home. Today, they continue to inspire and serve as a symbol of an era when casual living was in style, and not just for homes, but also for vacation homes, churches, hotels, restaurants, mountain lodges, and recreation centers.


Since the A-frame upswing, toy makers have been influenced also, as miniature A-frame replicas and dollhouses have appeared in toy stores and gift shops across America. The architectural distinction is undeniable, even among children who enjoy arranging a dollhouse interior with furniture and caricatures. Open layouts allow them to play and have fun creating their own unique style of interior decorations.

Although consumers are always searching for new ideas, they still continue to appreciate familiar shapes of outdoor decor. The traditional shape of the letter "A" has heavily influenced birdhouse manufacturers around the world as well, as you will see the same "A shape" style but with varying adornments. Our particular style includes detailed accessories that make them different and perhaps something you'll want to give as a special gift.


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