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Multilevel Bird Houses

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Multi-level Bird Structures

Large numbers of birds usually not not live together in a common structure, there are some birds of the same species that will. One such species is the purple martin. Whether or not birds from the same family will choose a multi level structure to live in depends on the the bird species, design structure the birdhouse, and of course, some luck.

Bird houses with more than one level..

A multi level birdhouse structure is a birdhouse with more than one level, or story. Common designs will usually include multiple rooms on each level with separate entrances for each. Popular choices are "two level" birdhouses, but there are certainly "three" and "four" levels as well. A level, or "story" (stô·ré) is defined as a part of a building that comprises all the rooms that are on the same level.

Solid wood as a first choice!

Wood makes a great choice for birdhouses, and what better choice of materials than wood when it comes to offering your avian friends a place to rest. Multi level bird structures do just that, especially a birdhouse with more than just one floor and compartment.

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