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Painted Bird Houses

You don't need a particular reason to buy a painted bird house. Rather, just the simple satisfaction of painting your own is the only reason you need. And you'll get even more satisfaction when you see how much your local feathered friends will appreciate you. You'll also be the envy of all your bird-loving neighbors.

Painted Bird House For Sale

Consumers are purchasing painted bird houses for various reasons, and some of those reasons include helping avian creatures to survive, yard decorations, and gifts. But whatever your desires are for a painted project, we might just have some ideas that you'll like. Painted bird structures come with the following options..

  • solid matte colors
  • bright matte colors
  • graphics
  • stain
  • combination paint/stain

The paint products we use are safe non-toxic formulas. All paint is acrylic based hobby paint. No paint is applied to the interior of any bird structure.

Bird houses to paint.. DIY!

A painting project is fun and exciting for all ages. It's highly rewarding when you see how unique your ideas are when your project is finished. And anyone can do it. Our unfinished models will do just that. Yes, they are prepared as a structure with an unfinished surface, but with a smooth sanded surface and ready to paint right out of the box. We have some great DIY painted bird house ideas and we put them together as a kit just for you.

Shop Painted Bird Houses

Shop for our painted styles with bright colors and graphics.

Painted Bird Houses have some really nice details, including flowers, leaves, grass, characters and more. They are decorative, yet fully functional for outdoor use. Adornments too, will go well with a combination of pretty colors. Chimneys, windows, porch rails, signs, and paneling features are fun things to have have on a nice painted home for birds.


Most birds don't have a very good sense of smell, but they do have good eyesight. In fact, their eyesight is considered excellent.

Birds can see ultraviolet light rays which humans can't. Their eyes have an extra cone-receptor that expands the visible light spectrum, allowing them to perceive wavelengths in the ultraviolet range as well as the visible range of the spectrum. Birds have 4 photo-receptive cones in the retina located at the back of the eye, humans only have 3. Enhanced eyesight enables them to see a birdfeeder long before they can smell the food in it. Birds are hyper-aware of all the efforts humans make when supplying them with food and shelter.

Birdhouses don't need to be painted with bright colors in order to get noticed. Nonetheless, bird houses are often painted with bright colors just for fun. Combinations of bright colors and natural colors work too, such as colorful graphics painted on the surface of bare unfinished cedar wood»


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Looking for a birdhouse made from bare, unfinished cedar wood? We have a few you might like.

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