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Halloween Birdhouses

Halloween Decorations

Looking for a way to "scare up" your neighborhood? A halloween birdhouse will do just that. Trick or treater's will be in for a big surprise this year when they see a dark halloween birdhouse mounted in your front yard. It features a dark wallnut finish with a "bat plaque" and "lighting rod."

Halloween Gifts

It may be a little unusual to give someone a gift at halloween, but halloween gifts can be lots of fun. There's nothing wrong with shocking someone with a gift at Halloween. Or is there?. Well, why not take a chance anyway, after all, it is a time for weird surprises, right? Go ahead, take a chance, surprise someone you know (or shock someone you know) with a Halloween gift from All Wood Birdhouses. Yes, a birdhouse is the last thing they would expect at Halloween time.

Haunted Events..

But maybe you, or someone you know, is planning a halloween party. If so, our dark gothic victorian birdhouse will look great on a shelf or bar table. Our Halloween model features a dark victorian style with a bat plaque and lighting rod. It's gothic appearance will create a haunted and sinister setting for birds to hang out (just kidding), but it WILL give your halloween party a weird twist for your friends to check out.

A gift for Halloween?..

Halloween isn't exactly a gift-giving holiday, but just in case you're considering it anyway, we'll send someone you know with a scary surprise that will make them smile,. and maybe even scream a little. And if you need gift wrapping, we'll take of that too with a Halloween pattern of one or more of the following.. ghosts, goblins, skeletons, bats and pumpkins.

Shop Halloween Birdhouses

Nobody expects to receive gifts during the Halloween season, but that's what makes it more scary and surprising!



pole or sit






Halloween isn't exactly a gift giving holiday, but just in case you're considering it anyway, we'll send someone you know a scary surprise that will make them smile, and hopefully scream a little too. And if you need gift wrapping, we'll take of that with a Halloween pattern of ghosts, goblins, skeletons, owls and pumpkins, it's your choice.

Surprise your friends this year with a really cool halloween gift idea. Just a few fun gift ideas to bring a smile to someone's face this halloween. Nobody expects to receive a gift at halloween, but that's what makes it more SHOCKING!


Free gift wrapping is included for all items upon request. Also included is a coupon and greeting card with a special message of your choice.

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Birdhouse Benefits

Birdhouse Benefits

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