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Enhancing your home landscape with a bird house is easy and takes little time. Along with adding that final touch you've been looking for, you'll be providing shelter for your favorite bird species. All products are unique and durable in design, and are the perfect match for any scene in your backyard, garden or patio.

Painted Bird Houses

Painted birdhouses are always nice to look at, and that's why we always try our best to supply you with the colors you like best. We listen to our customers and their special requests for bright colors, natural colors, painted graphics and combinations of unique designs. Shop for painted bird houses with bright colors and graphics of flowers, grass, butterfly's, country sceneries, birds, hearts and more.

The paint we use are water-based, non-toxic formulas. Check out a few of our current matte colors, like true red, Christmas green, bright yellow for example, and natural colors too, such as traditional brown stained finishes along with the darker tones of dark walnut and Jacobean. Traditional matte finishes decrease glare from the sun and blend well with nature. We also use gloss finishes for some decorative models and kids projects.

Unfinished Wood Bird Houses

Unfinished Wooden Bird Houses

Unless otherwise specified, all items on this site are made from solid wood. Some have unfinished bare wood with smooth sanded surfaces, others are unsanded with a natural rustic texture. Almost all models are made with various types of cedar or pine (or a combination of both). Altogether, cedar is the most abundant wood we use. Shop for solid unfinished wood bird houses built from white and yellow pine, incense cedar and western red cedar. Painting an unfinished bird house is fun for all ages. The surface of unfinished bare wood bonds with acrylic paint and other finish applications very well.

Specific models that are not made with solid wood are categorized as "re-claimed wood" and are clearly specified in the description. The wood used for these models include various types of re-claimed wood and/or plywood.

Wooden bird houses are a popular choice among bird enthusiasts because wood is an abundant material in nature. Birds like to hang out in residential yards of many homes across America, and home owners want to accommodate them, especially songbirds. Wood is the most widely used material for bird house construction since birds are naturally familiar with it. It's all about being natural, and natural solid wood has a profound impact on how we feel. It's the best material for wild birds.

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We have a nice selection of wooden bird houses for sale. Wood is the most widely used material for bird house construction. It's all about being natural, and natural solid wood has a profound impact on how we feel. It's the best material for wild birds. Our inventory includes a nice selection of unfinished and painted bird houses...

You've been working very hard on every detail of your yard to make sure it's just perfect, and now that you're done, you're still missing one final detail - a nice, solid wood birdhouse. Wood is a strong, durable material, and will effectivelly protect a motherbird and her eggs. Generally, speaking, any type of enclosed structure that is intended to help avian wildlife will serve well as a source of protection, but a structure made from natural solid wood will do even better. Yes, the grain and texture of natural wood is beautiful to look at, and it blends naturally with any backyard setting. A wooden birdhouse is sure to promote avian life in your local habitat.

All Wood Birdhouses offers you an array of models with various designs and functionality. We have many options to choose from, so please feel free to browse our product inventory. Remember to always check back with us from time-to-time to check out our latest additions to the seasonal and holiday shopping specials.


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What are the best bird houses?

When thinking of which bird house is fitting for your local birds, you must do research on your local habitat. Devoting some of your time at the library or on the internet will help you to better understand the unique aspects of your geographic location.

North America alone covers 16.3% of the total land area on earth. The USA by itself can be divided into six climate regions, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, and within our incredible landmass and various weather patterns, there are roughly 1000 species of birds. Choosing the right birdhouse will depend on your knowledge of the bird species you want to attract.

What kind of birds use bird houses?

Certain birds in nature will look for enclosed structures to nest and raise their young. Birds that are cavity-nesters are birds that look for a dwelling that is completely enclosed on all sides. An enclosed environment is the only way they will raise their young from fledgling to adulthood. Yet, ther birds need a partially enclosed structure, or combination house platform.

Sparrows, finch, wrens, bluebirds, chickadees are some examples of birds that may choose an enclosed structure to live in. Dove and robins will need a platform with an open view on either one side or more sides before they build their nest and lay eggs. Taking time to make the best decision will result in the best design for promoting bird life in your area.

Backyard Decor

There's nothing wrong with mounting a birdhouse just for decoration either. Many home owners place small decorative structures in their backyard simply because it looks nice. Yes, there's a process of making a wise decision here too, as choosing the right design will make your backyard look better, especially with your existing garden decor. Your backyard will look better, and the birds that live there will look AND feel better too!

What colors attract birds to bird houses?

All Wood Birdhouses includes a variety of colors that look good on painted bird houses. Topical finishes don't just include paint, there are several wood stain colors that we use on our products too. There is not much research done that has produced a conclusive list of specific colors that birds are attracted to. However, there is some evidence that has determined that some motherbirds are attracted to bright colors, and the most popular color seems to be red.

The paint products we use are non-toxic and are safe for everyone over the age of three. All acrylic hobby paint brands we use are approved by either the Art and Creative Materials Institute's Approved Product (AP), or the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM D-4236).

How does a bird house work?

The inventory at All Wood Birdhouses includes various models with different working features. These features vary from model to model, and may include a functioning rear viewing door, removable floor plate, pole mount kit, hook and chain set or other. Check the model specifications for availability. If you see a particular model that you like but doesn't include a specific working aspect, let us know and we will be happy to make the necessary modification.

What is a wooden birdhouse?

Wooden birdhouses are made primarily from solid wood, plywood, or other engineered woods. These types of wood can come in various species, such as pine, cedar, and other exotic woods. A popular choice of wood that is used for many bird structure is cedar wood because it's cheap to buy, breathes well, and is insect resistant. Wood is easy to sand, easy to paint, and looks great when done.

Wooden birdhouses are a popular choice among hobbyists because it involves a simple construction process and is easy for almost any age to get started. Many wood enthusiasts adorn their bird projects with fancy objects in order to dress it up, since wood is easy to customize. The wood sections such as the walls floor, roof, as well as other wood adornments, can easily be attached with nails, screws, staples or glue. There's no limit to the level of sophistication you desire.

What is a nestbox?

A nestbox is a man-made structure that is intended to provide animals a place to nest in. Nestboxes range in size to accommodate various categories of wildlife. There are many animals that will choose a nestbox to build a nest and raise their young. Man-made nestboxes are largely intended for birds because birds are generally the most skilled nest-builders, even though not all species of birds build nests.

Nest Builders

Animals of the avian type are not the only nest-builders in the animal kingdom. Nest-builders are included in all six of the basic animal groups - mammals, amphibians, fish, birds, invertebrates and reptiles. Not all nests look the same, in fact, nests sometimes range vastly in style, shape material and function. Queen wasps build small nests that are dome-shaped structures made from chewed wood, clay or mud. They lay their first batch of eggs in the spring, and when the eggs hatch, the young wasps quickly grow into workers and take over nest building activities.

Bird House Plans

Bird house plans make great gifts for all ages. Bird house plans for homemade bird house projects and DIY projects are fun for any age, especially kids. Our bird house plans include instructions on how to assemble a custom homemade project from start to finish. Whatever your desire is, whether it's pole mounted, side mounted, suspended, or other, it's your choice.

Birdhouse DIY Kit - "Do It Yourself"

What could be more fun than a do-it-yourself birdhouse kit? Our kits come complete with all the parts you'll need to put together a beautiful homemade birdhouse. Complete your very own outdoor project with your own two hands, and something that's going to benefit the environment. We will send you all the materials you'll need to get started, such as wood, glue, paint, nails, screws and instructions. We will also include any special parts needed to build a decorative bird house. Call or contact us and let us know the details of your dream birdhouse project.

Common wood species used for our inventory..

  • Incense Cedar
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Red Oak
  • White Pine
  • Yellow Pine
  • Red Wood

The types of wood that we commonly use are variations of cedar and pine. Other woods that are good for bird structures are maple, birch, fir, cypress, barnwood and a few others. We rarely use treated wood, but we sometimes use plywood only for special projects made from discarded wood.

Wooden Birdhouses to Paint

A wooden painting project is fun for everyone, including ages 3 to adult. It's fun, relaxing, and rewarding for everyone! Your imagination is the limit, so don't let anything hold you back,. just go for it!

A gift from nature..

Most everybody loves the great outdoors, and for good reason. Mother Nature has given us a lot to appreciate, and one in particular are trees. Indeed, there are so many trees to see and appreciate. We should all value every moment that we have to go outside and enjoy the smell of green trees as well as the sights and sounds of wildlife. When you think about it, making your yard a more natural place is very easy and can be done with items made from wood, such as furniture, barriers, yard art, home improvements and bird houses.

We set out here with this venture to create a shopping experience for like-minded individuals. Our vision is to make every backyard as alive and in tune with nature as possible.


Wood is so versatile that it can be used for indoor projects and outdoor projects. There's a lot you do with wood. The number of different projects you can create is almost endless. Wood can be carved, cut, drilled, sanded, and there's no telling what it will look like in the end. And when it comes to a home for birds, it's sure to look beautiful and natural. There are also other common materials used for constructing birdhouses, such as metal, cardboard, plastic, and composites.


Versatility also means gift giving. A birdhouse is a universal gift that will appeal to most everyone. And when it comes to special occasions, they'll make a great gift for mom on Mother's Day, or perhaps someone you cherish on Valentine's Day. The best birdhouses are the simple ones made from solid natural wood, and can be painted with your favorite holiday colors. Birthdays too, and so if you have a special person in mind and want to surprise them on their birthday, a simple wooden birdhouse can be painted with your favorite birthday colors, including a card (with their name and special message) in a gift-wrapped box.


The hoidays are special too, and gift-giving is easy when ordering for someone else. Simply place your order and let us know the following..

  • The model number
  • address you want the gift sent to
  • your special request for card, message and wrapping paper.

When your order comes in, we'll start the same day. When complete, your gift will be shipped out and delivered to the front door of someone special to you.

Home Decor

Some homeowners work very hard to make the inside of their home look nice, and a typical material of choice is some kind of wood with an attractive grain pattern. And when they start working on the outside, wood is again a popular choice, as it is durable and attractive.

Finish Applications

There are a number of finish options. However, no matter what topical finish you choose, it's always good to use solid wood. Common finish applications include paint, oil, lacquer, polyurethane, varnish, wax, shellac and stain, and all will penetrate the porous nature of wood to varying degrees. surface of a wooden surface is porous.


Free gift wrapping is included for all items upon request. Also included is a coupon and greeting card with a special message of your choice.

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