Special Orders For Custom Birdhouses

We are happy to accept requests on special orders for custom built bird houses. Let us know the details of your dream bird house and we will build it for you according to your exact specifications. Contact us with your preferences on size, weight, style, wood, color, paint, stain, hooks, brackets, ornaments and fuctionality. Special orders may involve any level of style and sophistication. Popular styles of birdhouse architecture include churche, cathedral, victorian, sky scraper, colonial, school, gourd, country store and others. There are many styles of mounting as well,. wall, fence, pole, trunk, hanging, side suspension and base/sitting. Your choice of wood species can include any type you desire. Common species of wood for birdhouses include pine, cedar, mahagony, maple, oak and others. Click or call us today to start your own personalized bird house!

Simple Modifications

Simple modifications can be made on any of our existing bird houses and there is no extra charge. Some modifications are more common than others, however, if your request for a modification is unique, we can probably handle it. If you see a model and want it modified for a certain type of bird, it can be modified to accomodate certain species depending on their habitate and behavior. For example, our wrenhouses have entrance holes ranging from 1" to 1 1/4" in diameter and widening the hole to accomodate a larger species of wren is possible. Your personal choice of side mount, pole mount, hooks, perch and color can also be accomodated. Simple modifications for any bird house is easy, free and will not delay the arrival date of you order.

Common Modifications

Modifications can be made on the following features:

side mount
pole mount
entrance holes

Most models have two loop hooks, but if you prefer only one hook in the middle, let us know before you order.

Cottage bird houses can be side mounted directly to a wall, post or tree trunk. Side mounting kits are free with your cottage bird house but only if you specify. If you want to side mount a bird house that is not intended for side mounting, let us know and we will make the modification.

Pole mounting kits are not available at this time, however, pole mounting base kits are available.

Not all bird houses have perches. If you have a preference to add one or remove one, make the request with the exact model number and we will include your request with the order. Remember that perches can make it easier for predators to enter in through the front entrance. A perch gives predators something to hold on to before they reach into the hole. Perches also attract birds such as sparrows and other predator birds that attack and kill baby birds. To avoid this, some bird houses are absent of a perch and have slots that are routed just below the entrance hole instead. This is intended to discourage small climbing animals and sparrows from entering the bird house. The slots also make it possible for the mother bird to land and grab on to something before entering.

Predator guards placed on the front of the entrance hole will provide further protection from snakes. Predator guards do this by creating an angle by which the snake must lean back before entering, giving the snake a feeling of falling back. It also makes it more difficult for predators with arms such as cats and racoons by creating a longer distance between the entrance hole and the bottom interior of the bird house. The longer distance makes it harder for them to reach in and grab baby birds and eggs.


Some requests have been made for small plaques or signs to be mounted on the face of a bird house near the entrance hole. These can be made of brass, plastic, wood or a material of your choice and say anything you want. Some bird structures have very unique and functional (or non-functional) attributes that give the structure a human approach. Plaques can say anything you want: "Gone Fishing", Bird Stop #1", "Bird Station", "Valentine's Day Bird House", etc. Structural additions such as front porches with patio rails, rear porches with patio rails, outdoor staircases, side panels, custom chimneys, front windows, side windows, rear windows with frames, front doors, rear viewing doors, horizontal perches are features that are included in decorative styles.


Many people use the term "Victorian" to describe an architectural style. However, "Victorian" is not really a style but a period in history. The styles that emerged from this period came from trends in British culture that emerged and grew in province throughout the reign of Victoria. The Victorian era dates from about 1840 to 1900. The most popular Victorian styles of the 60 year spread quickly influenced builders who often borrowed characteristics from several different styles, creating unique, and sometimes unusual mixes. During this time, industrialization brought many innovations in not only architecture but clothing, literature and arts. There are a variety of Victorian styles, each with its own distinctive features.

Special Order Two Story Bird House Special Order Bird House with Bird Graphic Painted Bird House Painted Birdhouse Custom Built A-frame Bird House with Plaque Customer Painted Two Story Birdhouse Special Request For Three Story Birdhouse with Adobe Roof


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Do you have an idea for your own style of bird house? Send us a special request for your own style of bird house and we will match your exact preferences for height, width, shape, style and finish. Durability is not the only important thing to consider when choosing a bird house, a stylish look is important too.

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