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Enhancing your home landscape with a bird house is easy and takes little time. Along with adding that final touch you've been looking for, you'll be providing shelter for your favorite bird species. A birdhouse from All Wood Bird Houses is unique and durable in design, and is the perfect match for any scene in your yard including your garden and patio.

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You've been working very hard on every detail of your yard to make sure it's just All Wood Birdhouses perfect, and now that you're done, you're still missing one final detail - and that is a birdhouse from All Wood Bird Houses. A birdhouse serves as a beautiful part of your regular yard decor, and it will surely become the subject of conversation among your neighbors.

All Wood Bird Houses offers you all of the designs and sizes for that perfect bird house to mount or hang in your yard. We have so many options to choose from that it can be a little confusing, so we want to help you making your final decision. Please feel free to browse our birdhouse inventory.

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What are the best bird houses?

When thinking of which bird house is fitting for your local birds, you must do research about your local habitat. Devoting your time at the library or on the internet will help you to gain insight and better understand the unique aspects of your geographic location. This will help you determin which is the best bird house for the bird species in your area. Do your "due diligence" and decide on how to make sure that your backyard birds will be happy and easily adapt to a specific bird house model. All Wood Bird Houses wants you to choose the ideal bird house that is appropriate for the natural birds in your area.

What kind of birds use bird houses?

Certain birds in nature will look for enclosed structures to nest and raise their young. Birds that are cavity-nesters are birds that look for a dwelling that is completely enclosed on all sides. Instincs are not the same with all bird species, and some feel that in order to satisfy their need for safety and warmth they need a more enclosed structure while bringing their young from fledgling to adulthood. Some birds will only look for a partially enclosed structure, and these are sometimes referred to as bird platforms.

Sparrows, finch, wrens, bluebirds, chickadees are some examples of birds that will surely choose an enclosed structure to live in. Dove and robins will need a platform with an open view on either one side or more sides before they build their nest and lay eggs. Altogether, choosing the right bird house will make your backyard look great with your new bird house along side your garden decor. Your entire backyard will look better and the birds that live there will look AND feel better too!

What colors attract birds to bird houses?

All Wood Bird Houses has the common colors as well as unusual colors that look good on painted bird houses. But topical finishes don't just include paint, there are a multitude of wood stains that we use on our products too. There is not much research done that has produced a conclusive list of specific colors that birds are attracted to. However, there is some evidence that has determined that some mother birds are attracted to bright colors, and the most popular is arguably Red.

How does a bird house work?

The inventory at All Wood Bird Houses includes various models with different working features. These features vary from model to model, and some may include a functioning rear viewing door, removable floor plate, pole mount kit, hook and chain set and more. Check the model specifications for availability. If you see a particular model that you like but doesn't include a specific working aspect, let us know and we will be happy to make the necessary modification.

Bird House Plans

Bird house plans make great gifts for all ages. Bird house plans for homemade bird house projects and bird house DIY projects are fun for any age, especially kids. Our bird house plans include instructions on how to assemble a custom homemade project from start to finish. Whatever your desire is, whether it's a hanging birdhouse, or one that is pole mounted or side mounted, it's your choice.

Bird House DIY Kit - "Do It Yourself"

What could be more fun and challenging than a bird house "Do It Yourself" kit? We can provide you with a bird house DIY kit that comes 100% complete with all the parts you will need to put together a beautiful homemade bird house. Wood, glue, paint, nails, screws and instructions are all included. We will also include any special parts needed to build a decorative bird house. Call or contact us and let us know the details of your dream bird house project. We would love to know!..

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