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A-Frame Bird Houses

A-frame birdhouses are appropriately named for a type of birdhouse design that is shaped like the letter "A." The two basic sides of the roof are connected at the top by a A-Frame Bird Houses roof ridge, and then slope downward on both sides at an angle all the way to the ground. Basically, the overall shape forms a triangle and is recognized as a classic "A Frame."

Traditional "A-Framed" Shape & Style

Our A-frame birdhouse style is designed to look like a traditional A-frame structure. However, along with a traditional style, we've also added some unique and attractive decor that makes them stand out a little more from the usual A-frame style. Our approach to uniqueness includes a horizontal landing perch, contoured patio, wood rails, seated chimney, offset shingles, roof ridge and custom rear window. Viewing the baby birds is easy through a rear viewing door with smooth swivel action. Various mounting options are available.

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