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Bird Feeders

Our feeders are built from solid wood and are very durable. Various models are available, but if you don't see a model that you want, contact us and we'll build it for you.

Open Feeder Trays

Open feeder trays are the most effective for attracting the widest variety of birds, including dove, sparrow, starlings and others. Our open tray feeders enable 4 different types of bird food.

Tray Feeders with Roof

Our simple tray feeders have a roof overhang and will accomodate smaller seed eating birds. They are simple and attractive, and can be hung or mounted.

Shop Bird Feeders

Our selection is small, but growing...

Bird Feeder

model: #bf-002

ground mount


Bird Feeder

model: #bf-001

sitting or hanging


Bird feeders should be part of every backyard decor. They provide food for birds during all seasons while adding a cheerful addition to your landscape. Our bird feeders are built from solid wood and will provide a natural look in a wooded area of your backyard.

If you live in a neighborhood that is home to various bird species, you might want to consider placing more that just one feeder in your yard. Take advantage of attracting all of them by providing several different types of feeders, as feeders of different types offer a variety of foods that will attract seed eaters, insect eaters, nectar feeders and birds that like a combination of all food sources. Although you'll find that some species are more likely to use one kind of feeder over another, it's fun to see them all eating together.

Our bird feeders are built very strong and built to last. They are held together with Titebond II weather-proof industrial strength wood glue and are reinforced with 1 1/4" long screw fasteners.


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Only $5.95 for shipping on orders in the 48 contiguous states. All orders over $75 ship FREE!


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Do you have an idea for your own style of bird house? Send us a special request for your own style of bird house and we will match your exact preferences for height, width, shape, style and finish. Durability is not the only important thing to consider when choosing a bird house, a stylish look is important too.

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