Unfinished Bird Houses

Unfinished bird houses make fun projects and are ready for your final touch. Unfinished Bird houses You and your kids will find them a fun and exciting challenge, . no sanding is needed. An unfinished birdhouse has no finish applied to the external and internal surfaces. The wood is cedar or pine, depending on model, and has no pre-conditioner, stain, paint, oil or sealer.

Benefits of Unfinished Wood

One of the benefits of unfinished woodwork is doing the finish work yourself. Woodworking is a satisfying pastime and one with no age limit. Everyone can make something out of wood. Providing kids with fun projects is another benefit, and you'll get satisfaction from watching them have fun. Hobby paint is a popular choice, as it's non-toxic and cleans up easily.

We have all your bright colors!

We have a nice selection of color for unfinished birdhouses. Contact us with your preferences for color of stain or paint. Our unfinished birdhouses have been fine sanded and are ready for your specific application.


model #uf-002

sitting or hanging



model #uf-001




model #uf-004

pole mount



model #uf-003

sitting or hanging


Two Story

model #uf-006

sitting or hanging


Cabin Birdhouse



Unfinished bird houses are smooth sanded and ready for your artistic touch. They have no paint or stain applied to the surface and are completely free of chemicals inside and out. Use your own imagination when applying paint or stain and give your new birdhouse a whole new look and feel.

Three Story

model #uf-007



Our unfinished bird houses are constructed from 3/4" solid pine and cedar wood. They are held together with Titebond II industrial strength wood glue (weather-proof) and reinforced with 1 1/2 long fasteners.

We create bird houses that are among the strongest in the industry!

For kids and adults!

Painting a bird house that is unfinished will make a fun and challenging project. Acrylic hobby paint is a popular choice for unfinished birdhouses because it is non toxic, water resistant, applies smoothly and cleans up easily.

You'll find acrylic hobby paint at most retail and hobby shops. Hobby paint comes in a small plastic bottle that dispense easily and is easy to store and dispose.

Painting an unfinished bird house is safe and easy for all ages, and kids will find bird house projects a fun and exciting challenge.


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