November 15th, 2017

How Does a Bird House Help The Environment?

AllWoodBirdHouses:There is a large percentage of birds in the U.S. that will choose an enclosed structure to live in. With the natural habitat of birds being reduced more every year, assisting them with a safe place to live will help keep them alive and their numbers strong. A simple bird house with the right dimensions will provide safety from predators, warmth during cold months and a place for breeding. But how does this affect our environment?


In our busy world, their are many things that can disrupt the balance of nature. Examples of disruptions include cities expanding their boundaries and forest fires caused by careless humans. These conditions can cause wildlife to become displaced, forcing them to migrate to other habitats with unsuitable climates and predators they cannot defend themselves against.

When birds have a safe place to dwell, their numbers stay strong and their species continue to evolve. Just placing a simple birdhouse in your backyard will help them to multiply by giving them a safe place to raise their young. This means they will stay warm during the winter months and be safe from predators like snakes, cats, squirrels and raccoons. Creating a balance between humans and birds, as well as other wildlife, enables man and beast to thrive in the same environment, and fulfills mother natures' intended purpose for man and beast to live together in harmony.

Pest Control

Some birds are considered insectivors and naturally hunt worms, flies, mesquitoes, beetles and other pests. Without birds eating these insects, massive infestations would occure and create an imbalance that would be devistating to man and nature. Birds benefit us for the simple reason that they are able to hold in-check the most powerful living species on earth, . . insects. If unchecked, insects would control the earth.

Weed Control

Some birds such as Sparrows, Jays, Finches, Nuthatches Titmice, Dove and Blackbirds like to eat seeds. If it were not for these seed eaters and others, countless quantities of weeds would overrun our yards, gardens and fields.


By helping a mother bird find a safe place to lay her eggs, you allow a warm environment for incubation. A functioning birdhouse will help the eggs to hatch and grow into baby birds. This preserves species that would otherwise be in danger and helps birds evolve successfully. This also helps them to maintain their balance and purpose within the animal kingdom.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders will also help to promote the bird population. If you live in an area of the country that has extreme cold, a year-round bird feeder will help non-migrating birds find food and will help support birds and songbird populations when food is scarce.

Observation and Fact Gathering

Providing controlled structures for birds allows humans to observe them and study their behavior. This subsequently helps science to better understand the environment and how people and wildlife can live together.


The sound of birds singing helps us to experience pleasure and calmness. What would our lives be like if suddenly we could not hear them singing in the morning? As we live our intensely busy lives, the sound of a songbird outside our window makes us feel calm and gives us a sense that we are at peace with nature. Bird calls range from sweet-sounding to loud crowing, and many other sounds including chirping, chiping, crying, whistling, peeping, and even the screeching of an barn owl. Not all birds are songbirds, but it's easy to appreciate the presence of all birds when you consider what they do for us. The next time you feel a little stressed, take a walk to the park and listen for a songbird. There are many species of songbirds in America to enjoy. The resulting pleasure derived from the experience will help you to live in a harmonious world.


Cottage Style Bird House Since the Industrial Revolution, songbird populations have been declining steadily. In the case of the North American Bluebird, however, bird houses have helped to reverse this decline. In recent decades, efforts have been made by humans to help promote their numbers by building bluebird trails, which involves setting up multiple birdhouses along a track or trail at certian intervals. We now know that those birdhouse trails are actually improving bluebird numbers.

Mounting a bird house is easy and does not take much time or effort. Species such as bluebirds are enjoyable to watch and they will appreciate a bird house in your backyard. Other birds such as purple martins rely heavily on man-made structures to dwell in and you'll enjoy watching their acrobatic style of flying. Helping birds in their natural environment helps to keep our ecostructure the way it was intended and sustains a harmonic balance between animals and their predators in the food chain.

Imagine what our world would be like without birds. Birds are magnificent creatures. Their colors, feathers and shapes makes them very attractive. Helping birds will make your backyard look beautiful and help keep bird populations strong.