March 29th, 2019

Chickens as Pets

Backyard Chickens

Residents of Albuquerque NM are now allowed to have chickens as pets in their backyard. If you're a New Mexican who loves chickens, you can have up to 15 chickens (including 1 rooster) in Albuquerque. The restrictions are very low, as the chickens can freely roam the backyard to make their sounds, play, scratch and,.. whatever.

The difference between a rooster and a hen

Rosters and hens are both chickens. The difference is determined by gender, as a male chicken is a rooster and female chicken is a hen.


Mating between a roster and hen is not required in order for a hen to lay her eggs. Hens lay eggs naturally once they reach a certain age, and will lay an egg approximately every day or so. The City of Albuquerque places no restrictions on the number of eggs your chickens can lay.

The problem with NOT having a rooster around is that the hen WILL have her eggs, however, they WON'T hatch. You only need a rooster if you want the eggs to HATCH. So in order to get those little guys hatched out of their eggshells, the eggs must be fertilized by the male chicken, the rooster.

"What happens when you have a rooster AND a hen? Answer - little yellow furballs running around, playing, having fun and singing little baby chicken songs!"

The chicken as the Nation's bird? Maybe second...

The American Bald Eagle might be the Nation's bird, but chickens do more in the way of supplying people with food and fertilizer. And since New Mexico has now given it's residents a green light on ownership, you can add the benefits of companionship as well. Chickens as pets can provide people the pleasure and satisfaction of having this avian species as part of their family. Chicken lovers will find them somewhat friendly and easy-going (at least for the most part), and chickens are also child-friendly.


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