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30 Day Money Back Guarantee Our Guarantee

All of our bird houses are built with a commitment to detail and quality. Our mission is to build a quality bird house that will endure the test of time and provide you with enjoyment for many years to come. Strength is an important detail we consider and our bird houses are built very strong with industrial strength wood glue and long fastener screws. They are made in the USA and are 100% guaranteed to satisfy. If you are not satisfied with our product, return it in it's original box within 30 days of receiving it and we will exchange it or refund your money.

One Year Warranty

Designated bird houses on this site are covered with a one year warranty. All bird houses that are under this warranty are built to endure wind, rain, and heat and guaranteed not to crack, peel or separate. If your bird house should crack, peel or separate within one year of the date of purchase, we will repair or replace your bird house at no cost to you.

The following products are not covered with a one year warranty:

  • Unfinished bird houses
  • Unfinished bird feeders

The following products are not covered with a one year warranty OR guarantee:

  • Items listed as affiliate products of Amazon
  • Items listed as an affiliate product of private sellers or other private businesses

Quality Assurance

All of our bird houses are made with 5/8" inch solid pine or cedar. They are held together with Titebond ® wood glue and GripRite ® long fastener screws. All bird houses are orbital sanded with 120 grit and finished sanded with 150 gritfor a fine finished wood surface. All products are free of scratches, dents and pits. All sharp edges on the roof, sides & bottom are sanded smooth to avoid injury when handling.

Before stain is applied, we apply one coat of pre-stain wood conditioner to create an even and level tone finish. Then two coats of stain sealer are applied to ensure resistance from outside elements. We use MINWAX ® brand for all finishing applications and include Early American for most of our inventory but also use other colors such as Provincial, Dark Walnut, Natural, Golden Oak and Jacobean. The staining process not only beautifies the wood but helps protect it from the harmful effects of water, wind, dust and ultraviolet sunrays.

None of our bird houses have any chemicals applied to the interior surfaces. The wood is completely natural and unfinished. This will ensure a natural and safe environment for the mother and baby birds.

Common features on all bird houses include the following:
adequate ventilation allowing for cooling in hot summer months
bottom drain holes to allow rain water to drain off
removable portions or viewing doors to allow removal of old nests.
protection from water and ultraviolet rays except unfinished models

Whether you decide to decorate your home, office or backyard, your bird house will serve as a long lasting and attractive feature.


Take care when mounting your bird house. Make sure you have good balance and control when stepping onto a ladder or stool. Taking the right precautions will help to avoid injury. Also take careful consideration when deciding on the method of mounting your bird house. Mounting or hanging a birdhouse can be tricky, and depending on the type of conditions you are mounting your bird house in, please make sure your bird house is properly secured. Damage done to your bird house resulting from improper care or mounting will not qualify for a return.

Free Gift Wrapping

Bird houses make great gifts. If you are purchasing your bird house as a gift for someone, call us or let us know with your order and we will wrap it up and send it right out. A beautifully wrapped bird house delivered to the door of a friend or relative will be a big surprise for the holidays. And don't forget to include a personalized message. Let us know during the payment process what you want to say with your gift and we will include it with your order.

Competitive Price Guarantee

We are confident that you will not find a better product on the internet. If you find a comperable bird house at a lower price, we will match or beat their price,.. Guaranteed! Simply call us and let us know.

We Appreciate Your Feedback!

Please leave us your feedback. The feedback we receive from you helps us to serve our future customers with better products and services.

We place emphasis on customer service and work hard to ensure your satisfaction. We answer every email and respond to every request/suggestion that we receive, however, we will not respond to your feedback. We are willing to work one on one with you over the phone to solve problems and discuss new product ideas. We are also willing to accept commercial orders. Please use our contact form and direct your comments to Steve Barrett or Isabel Ramirez. We appreciate your requests and comments and especially appreciate people in the bird house or pet industry.

This website was designed for a specialized inventory and everything was done to facilitate a fast and friendly shopping experience. We've also designed it to offer our customers the technology, ease of use and optimum security that online shoppers have come to demand from their ecommerce interactions. We are always improving the features on our site to ensure that we provide a safe, efficient and inspiring place to shop. We believe this will also serve to show our attention to quality and detail of our products. The pictures on this site were saved at the highest resolution possible to show the quality and detail of the bird houses.


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