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A-Frame Bird Houses:

Each one of our A-frame bird houses are hand-crafted with the finest detail. During the construction phase, we concentrate heavily on the special design features that make them a truely unique a-frame bird house. We hope you'll agree because when you receive your new a-frame birdhouse, you're going to notice the contoured patio, custom rail design and horizontal perch, and all of these are unique aspects of functionality that you'll find at All Wood Bird Houses.

Cedar wood is a wood which is found in the natural environment of wild birds. This wood is more resistant to insects and also breathes better than other wood species, allowing for a cooler and more natural place for birds to dwell.

A-Frame Shape:

Our a-frame bird houses style will attract all kinds of small birds. The interior floor dimensions are wide enough to accommodate mother birds that lay large clutches of eggs.

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A-Frame Bird House

Our a-frame birdhouse styles feature horizontal landing perch, patio, rails, chimney, shingled roof, rear door and window. Viewing the baby birds is fun and easy through a rear viewing door with smooth swivel action. Various mounting options are available.


model #af-001

Pole Mount


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