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A-Frame Bird Houses:

Each one of our a-frame bird houses are hand crafted. They feature every aspect of functionality that a birdhouse can have and are constructed from solid cedar wood.

Cedar wood is a wood which is found in the natural environment of wild birds. This wood is more resistant to insects and also breathes better than other wood species, allowing for a cooler and more natural place for birds to dwell.

A-Frame Shape:

Our a-frame bird houses have the traditional shape and style of a classic a-frame birdhouse.

A-Frame Features:

Our style of a-frame birdhouse features a unique front patio system with a horizontal perch surrounded by rails. Also featured is a shingled roof, rear viewing door and window.

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A-Frame Bird House

Our a-frame birdhouse style feature horizontal landing perch, patio, rails, chimney, shingled roof, rear door and window. Viewing the baby birds is fun and easy through a rear viewing door with smooth swivel action.


model #af-001

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